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Scouts Guides and NCC
    वि‍द्यालय में भारत स्‍काउट एवं गाइड कार्यक्रम सत्र २०१३-१४
    १- पंजीकरण- विद्यालय में १२ कब्‍स, १३ बुल-बुल, ३५ गाइड, एवं ४४ स्‍काउट पंजीकृत किये गये हैं
    २- तृतीय सोपान परीक्षण शिविर का आयोजन दिनांक ०२-०४ मई २०१३ को केन्‍द्रीय विद्यालय सं- २, चण्‍डीगढ़ में किया गया जिसमें ०२ गाइड और ०४ स्‍काउट ने भाग लेकर सफलता पूर्वक शिविर को पूरा किया तथा विद्यालय के स्‍काउट मास्‍टर श्री जंग बहादुर एच0डब्‍लू0 बी0 शिविर के लीडर ऑफ द कोर्स के रूप में कार्य किए
    ३- दक्षता पदक प्रशिक्षण शिविर जिसका आयोजन दिनांक ०८-१० मई २०१३ को केन्‍द्रीय विद्यालय सं-1, चण्‍डीमन्दिर में किया गया जिसमें ०४ स्‍काउट एवं ०४ गाइड ने भाग लिया तथा दक्षता पदकों के बारे में सफल प्रशिक्षण प्राप्‍त किया जबकि श्री जंग बहादुर प्रशिक्षक के रूप में भाग लिया
    ४- विद्यालय में दिनांक ०३-७-१३ को प्रवेश शिविर का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें कुल २९ स्‍काउट और १९ गाइड ने सफलता पूर्वक भाग लिया
    ५. पूर्व राज्‍य पुरस्‍कार शिविर का आयोन दिनांक ११-१३ जुलाई १३ को केन्‍द्रीय विद्यालय सं-2 पटियाला में किया गया जिसमें ०४ गाइड श्रीमती पुष्‍पा यादव प्र0स्‍ना0शि0 गणित के नेतृत्‍व में भाग लिया तथा सफलता पूर्वक राज्‍य पुरस्‍कार के लिए चयनित हुईं
    Session 2011-12
4 students attended proficiency badge camp at KV Yol Cantt from 3.5.2011 to 05.05.2011. Mr. Jang Bahadur, TGT(Skt.) attended the camp as Trainer and escorted the students. 09 students attended Adventure Programme organized by National Adventure Institute Bharat Scout & Guide Pachmarhi (M.P.) from 14.06.2011 to 20.6.2011. Six scouts & six guides attended Tritiya Sopan testing camp at KV- CRPF Pinjore.
Session 2010-11
  • 06 Scouts participated and got certificates in the “Tritya Sopan Testing Camp” held at KV 3 BRD, Chandigarh from 20-08-2010 to 22-08-2010.
  • Proficiency Badge Camp held at the KV Hamirpur in which 3 Scouts participated & got Badge successfully.
  • A one day scouts & Guides Pravesh Camp was organized on 14-11-09 in the Vidyalaya premises under the patronage of Principal Dr. Y. K Singh . Fifty five scouts and Thirty five Guides enthusiastically participated in this Camp. The camp began with the hoisting of Scout and Guides flag by Flag leader Master Saurabh in the presence of Principal as the Chief Guest . Flag hoisting was followed by Flag Song. The Scout Master Mr .Jang Bahadur adored the Principal with the scout Scarf and accorded him a warm welcome . The Principal apprised the participants about the aims and objectives of this movement and asked the participants to inculcate strong morals and ethics in life . Later on, Scout Master Mr Jang Bahadur and Guide Captain Mrs Pushpa Yadav familiarized them about their duties and responsibilities. They dwelt at length on the pledge, its meaning , importance of prayer , Flag and Flag Song and asked the participants to work for the welfare of humanity and conservation of environment. A scout always remains prepared to help the people in distress. He sensitizes the public about the need for the clean environment. The Participants were given refreshment and the camp concluded at 2:00 pm with the lowering of the Flag followed by National Anthem
  • The donation for victims of Bihar Flood are were sent to bihat State by the S& G Deptt. Of the School
  • Pravesh and Pratham Sopan testing Camp was held at the Vidyalaya level in month of july.
  • Bulbuls, 12 cubs, 23 Scouts and 13 Guides were registered in the session 2008-09
  • Four scouts participated at Kv Hisar Cantt Haryana 16-12-07 to 18-12-07 in divisional Rally KVS State. Two Scouts got Ist and IInd Position in March-Past.
  • 6. Mr Balbir Singh(TGT S.St Scout Master) escorted two student on 04 sept,2007 for Rajya Puraskar Pre Camp held at Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2, Ambala Cantt. Then he escorted ten students on 07 sept,2007 for Rajya Purskar Pre Camp held at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pitampur, New Delhi.

    Scouts and Guides activities are carried out with full zeal, enthusiasm and dedication in this Vidyalaya . 40 Scouts,30 Guides, 20Cubs and 20 Bulbuls were registered in this session.

    They are trained for first aid,Poineering, Hiking and rendering services to the humanity. They welcome all guests and diginitaries to Vidyalaya.

    They celebrate all days and festivals of National importance like thinking day, All Faith prayer , Van Mahotsav,etc. under the inspiration of our Principal.

    A grand rally was taken out comprising current burning problem of the nation. They are sent to attend various campus and training from time to time for excelling in this movement.
Sesion  2016-17
  • Weekly troop meeting on every Tuesday anf Friday.
  • Morning assembly with flag hosting
  • Scout & Guide pledge
  • Training of different activities of scouting & guiding.
  • In July Pravesh Camp Schedule
  • In August Pratham Sopan Camp
  • This Year 2 students participated in Rajya Puruskar held at KV Pathankot
  • 03 Scouts & 05 Guides participated in Tritya Sopan Camp held at KV No.2 Chandimandir Cantt.