CMP Initiatives
Following points considered during any CMP meeting of every year.
1.     Topics for Newsletter.
2.    Activities of celebration of 150 years of Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
3.    Activities for cluster level competitions.
4.    Completion of syllabus for PT-2 Examination.
5.    Cubs- Bulbul activities at cluster level.
6.    Any other allied matter.
Strengthening of Primary Education:
·         A warm welcome was accorded to students of class Ist under ‘School Readiness Programme’ on their First Day in School to make school an inviting place.
·         Children fair was organized on Bal Diwas on 14th November 2011. Eatery stalls and cultural items marked the day.
·         Students enthusiastically participated in Inter School Competitions organized to celebrate Bal Diwas, creative activities in drawing and painting, puppet making at KV No 2 Chandimandir on November 04, 2011, Literary Activities, Mental Maths and Poem recitations English & Hindi at KV CRPF Pinjore on 08th November, 2011 and cultural activities Group song and group dance at KV No 1 Chandimandir on 08th November 2011.
·         Football tournaments and athletics were organized at KV No 1 Chandimandir and KV ITBP Bhanu respectively on 05 November, 2011.
·         Our students won 09 first positions, 13 second positions and 03 third positions in these creative, literary, cultural, sports and athletic activities.
·         In Inter house competitions we organized study camp for English spellings, calligraphy, poetry recitation, drawing and sketching, dictations, show and tell etc.
Sr. No.
Innovative Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of Innovator/ Experimenter with designation.
1 Reading IV English and Hindi Reading skills to be improved Most of the children are able to read Aditi Sardana
2 Spelling IV English and Hindi Improvement in
spelling formation
Visible improvement is shown in the formation of spellings Aditi Sardana
3 Listening IV English and Hindi Listening skill to be improved Listening skill is improved. Aditi Sardana
4 Distribution of houses to give responsibility selection of house perfects and class monitors I to v To inculcate sense of responsibility Realized All class Teachers coordinator Principal
5 Calligraphy competition Eng Hindi Students are encouraged to participate in competition and to improve handwriting skills II to V To improve
handwriting skills to inculcate competitive spirit
Realized All class Teachers coordinator, Principal
6 Film show out of box thinking I to v To develop competencies of listening and understanding.Learning moral values in a play method Realized All class Teachers Coordinator, Principal
7 Concept IV, V
Concepts to be developed Practice given and more practice is required to build up concepts in class V Aditi Sardana
8 Environmental sensitivity   IV   EVS Develop awareness
and sensitivity towards environment, plants
and animals
Children have started taking care of their surroundings and belongings. Aditi Sardana
9 Reading   III English and Hindi Reading skills to be improved Most of the children are to  read  Minakshi Gaur
10 Spelling    III English ,Hindi Improvement in
spelling Competency
Most of the children are showing good improvement Minakshi Gaur
11. Concept III Maths Concept to be developed More drill given still their need more practice Minakshi Gaur
12 Reading    I
Recognition of alphabets and their respective sounds. Maximum Children are familiar with the alphabets and their sounds but some children are trying to learn them slowly Jasbit Kaur, PRT
13. Reading     V English Maximum stress on reading and pronunciation Students are taking keen interest in reading as well as in correct pronunciation. Jasbir Kaur, PRT